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Recent Technological advancements have allowed for precise and accurate therapy with radiation , providing a viable option as a cure for individuals diagnosed with cancer.


Since 20th century radiation has been increasingly used to diagnose and treat cancer. Although, radiation therapy was often known to destroy healthy tissue in its attempt to kill cancer cells, technological advancements have allowed for precise and accurate therapy, providing a viable option as a cure for individuals diagnosed with cancer.

The technological transition process from the initial technique applied to the latest technique currently used has had a direct effect on treatment outcomes and safety.

Over the decades studies focussed on development of more innovative radiotherapeutic devices able to treat cancers in the deep tissues. This period saw the introduction of the cobalt tele therapy providing high energy gamma rays and of more potent electron linear accelerators able to deliver megavoltage X rays.

This first cobalt therapy in South East Asia was installed in 1956 at the institute and first linear accelerator in the country was installed at the institute in 1976. At present we have 3 linear accelerators with fourth one being replaced by end of this year. We are proud to have the Indian manufactured linear accelerator “ Siddharth 2 ” as well.

The new millennium saw the affirmation of the stereotactic radiation therapy and the introduction of adaptive therapy. Stereotactic body radiotherapy has been practised at the institute for the past few years. Proper case selection and precise treatment execution are the main focus in SBRT. SBRT delivers extremely precise intense doses of radiation to cancer cells while minimizing damage to healthy tissues. It involves the use of sophisticated image guidance that shows the exact location of the tumors so that the radiation can be more precisely delivered. SBRT is usually used to treat small early stage lung cancer, pancreatic cancer or cancers that have spread to the lung, liver, adrenal gland or spine.

Coventional radiation typically is delivered in relatively small doses each day over several weeks. By contrast, SBRT can be given in five or fewer daily sessions and completed.


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Dr. G. Selvaluxmy MD DMRT
Director and Head of Department

Dr. Alexander John MD DMRT

Dr. B. Ananthi MD DMRT
Associate Professor

Dr. Priya Iyer MDRT
Associate Professor

Dr. M.N. Arun Kumar MDRT
Associate Professor

Dr. C. Vasanth Christopher Jayapaul MDRT
Associate Professor

Dr. Ram Madhavan MDRT
Associate Professor

Dr. Harishkumar MDRT
Associate Professor

Dr. K. Ramanaiah MDRT
Assistant Professor

Dr Gautam V V DMRT DNB (RT)
Assistant Professor

Dr Vengada Krishnan MDRT
Assistant Professor

Dr Mukesh MDRT

Dr Sadanand DMRT DNB (RT)

Students Registered For M.d. (radiotherapy) Degree:

Dr Divya

Dr Meera Devi

Dr Vivek nath

Dr Sunil

Dr Mounageetha

Dr Prisca

Dr Priyadharshini

Dr Ashok

Dr Aravind

Dr Sai pranav

Dr Swathi

Dr Surjith

Dr Sundara Vadhana

Dr Manjula

Students Passed Md (radiotherapy) Degree:

Dr Dinesh

Dr Priyadharshini

Dr Ayesha Fathima

Radiation Technologists:

Supporting Staff:

Students Registered For B.sc. (radiotherapy Technology) Degree:

Students Registered For M.sc. (radiotherapy Technology) Degree :

Students Registered For M.sc. (radiotherapy Technology) Degree :

Dr. G. Selvaluxmy MD DMRTDirector and Head of Department
Dr. Alexander John MD DMRTProfessor
Dr. B. Ananthi MD DMRTAssociate Professor
Dr. Priya Iyer MDRTAssociate Professor
Dr. M.N. Arun Kumar MDRTAssociate Professor
Dr. C. Vasanth Christopher Jayapaul MDRTAssociate Professor
Dr. Ram Madhavan MDRTAssociate Professor
Dr. Harishkumar MDRTAssociate Professor
Dr. K. Ramanaiah MDRTAssistant Professor
Dr Gautam V V DMRT DNB (RT)Assistant Professor
Dr Vengada Krishnan MDRTAssistant Professor
Dr Mukesh MDRTLecturer
Dr Sadanand DMRT DNB (RT)Lecturer
Ms. Ponni NMs. Sarathi
Mr. ArulprakashMs. Athimathi P
Ms. Shobana MMs. Sathya
Ms. Priyadharshini DMs. Bhavya R
Ms. Durgadevi SMr. John Kishore
Ms. Praveena P.A.Mr. Udayakumar C
Ms. Mahalakshmi EMr Karthick
Ms. ShyamalaMs. Sahaya Anitha
Dr DivyaDr Meera Devi
Dr Vivek nathDr Mounageetha
Dr PriscaDr Sunil
Dr PriyadharshiniDr Ashok
Dr AravindDr Sai pranav
Dr SwathiDr Surjith
Dr Sundara VadhanaDr Manjula
N. NarmadhaT Sudesh
V. ThanaselviS. Thilagavathy
M.Zaina BegumP.Vidhya
AravindhanRajesh P
Kaviya PriyaDhayalan M
Monika GNisha
RupaSoniya D
Anand AVijayalakshmi
Sajieev SDurga K
Guhan KAarthi
AbinayaJaya Amirtha
Mr. Udayakumar. CMs. Praveena P.AMr. John Kishore
Ms. Durga DeviMrs. SathyaMs. Mahalakshmi
Dr DineshDr PriyadharshiniDr Ayesha Fathima
Mr. Dany JoelMr. Raja
Ms. NarmadhaMs. Jagadeeshwari
Ms. IlampiraiMs. Sandhiya
Ms. Nishanthi 

Scientific meetings conducted/planned:

Innovative Practice(s)

Total Body Irradiation using Cobalt beam as a cost effective pre-treatment for ablation before Bone Marrow Transplant. Has been found to reduce the post transplant morbidities.

Stereotactic radiotherapy

using extreme hypofractionation and shortening treatment time for small tumors of the brain,lungs,liver and other organs with equal results as the standard treatment.

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