From Onco-Radiology to Interventional Onco-Radiology

Department of Imaging and Radio-diagnosis has tremendous scope for improvement. The journey began with the digitalization of simple x-ray system and presently with the acquisition of a better 1.5 T MR unit.

The department has further progressed in the sphere of interventions with the help of CT-guided Robotic arm which aids in accurate biopsy procedure. This can be further strengthened with the addition of newer complex interventional Robotic assisted equipments for Radio frequency ablations and cyroablations. Towards a futuristic goal, we aim to acquire an interventional local drug delivery system with targeted molecules in state of art DSA unit, which can indeed place our department in one of the finest interventional Radiology units in our country.

New Technology

We have been using Perfint's Robotic system to plan and perform our CT guided procedures in the Cancer Institute(WIA), Adyar.

This system helps us to perform CT guided interventions with high level of accuracy. Especially for smaller lesions or situations when difficult needle trajectory is involved. The system also reduces the complications arising during such procedures and Radiation dosage by minimizing the check scans required to place needle accurately.

As the incidence of cancer is on the rise in countries like ours, the role of Interventional Oncology procedures - Biopsies, Ablation, Pain management, Drainage, FNAC, etc., as a part of Combination therapy is increasing significantly due to the effectiveness at a lower cost. These procedures are already listed for reimbursement in the Tamil Nadu Government Comprehensive Insurance scheme and hence can be performed in any institution.

The ability to provide better treatment to the patient would depend on extent of Screening, early detection and combination of multiple modes of treatment. Technologies like Robotic Navigation with Planning ability, that enhance our ability to diagnose at a very early stage and help us to plan the treatment in advance.