In the year 1956 the first cobalt-60 teletherapy unit - Eldorado A, the first of its kind in the entire South East Asia including Australia and Japan was commissioned at the institute.

As a significant event in 1961, Mr. John McConnell donated the second cobalt unit, the magnificent Picker C - 5000.

The first indigenous telecaesium unit was fabricated by the Institute in collaboration with the Atomic Energy establishment, Trombay in 1962. The first indigenous therapy simulator was also designed at the Institute in 1965 and fabricated by the I.G.E. and installed in 1968.

The cancer institute introduced the first linear accelerator in the entire country in 1976 (Clinac 4).

Cancer institute being a centre for research studies, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in 1978 and hyperthermia in 1984 were introduced for the first time in the country.

With the installation of ML 20 MDX unit (a gift of the people and government of Japan) in the Intra-operative Radiotherapy wing of the Division introduced intra-operative radiotherapy facility, the first and only one of its kind in the entire country in 1992

SIDDHARTH II indigenously developed by SAMEER (Society of Applied Microwave Engineering Electronic and Research), a 6 Mv Medical Linear accelerator was successfully installed and commissioned at out institute in 2008.

Once again the cancer institute stands first in the country to indigenously design and build a remote afterloading brachytherapy unit -CITRON in the year 2000.

Up gradation of the clinac 2100 with the Rapid Arc radiotherapy technology in 2009 introduced the volumetric arc therapy in the country.

Installation of the TRUE BEAM linear accelerator in 2013 ushered in the "fff" ( flattening filter free beam) technology at the institute.