District Cancer Screening Project - Chennai, Kanchipuram, Thiruvallore (2008-ongoing).

No. of households visited : 31,792

No. of subjects who underwent a clinical examination : 20,753

No. of cancers detected : 40

No. of precancersdetected : 102

Compliance rate for treatment of precancers: 50%

Training of the screening team

The Department of Preventive Oncology has been upgraded with a video colposcope, two LEEP &Cryotherapy units, especially for providing training in conduct of screening camps. The screening team is offered an intensive two weeks training at the Cancer Institute, through the various Departments. The Medical officers are trained for screening oral, breast and cervix - VIA, VILI, Cytology, Colposcopy and guided biopsy, Cryotherapy, Leep and Cone procedures. The Program Coordinator and the Social Workers are trained in organizing awareness and health education programs, screening camps, tobacco cessation education and counseling subjects and sensitizing the woman for screening and follow-up. The program coordinator will also be trained in record and data maintenance.

Health workers are trained for organizing and setting up of field clinics, screening techniques like VIA/ VILI, to teach Breast Self-Examination (BSE), to assist Medical Officers in the diagnostic procedures, maintenance of asepsis, bio-waste disposal etc. They will also be trained for field visits to counsel the subjects for screening and follow-up.

Teams offered training :

  • Medical Officer-01 and Nurses- 02, Bhojay trust, Gujarat

  • Medical Officer-01 and Nurses-02 - Madurai

  • Medical Officer-01 and Nurses-02, Program Coordinator-01 - Tanjore

  • Nurse and Social Worker - Sriperumpudhur

  • Gynecologist, Medical Officer, Nurses and Social Worker, Tirunelveli

  • Gynecologist, Nurses, Chengelpet