Mission Statement

Accelerated Progress towards Cancer Control and Prevention

Preventive Oncology (Research Division) was started recently in the year 2012 with a goal of Research initiatives towards Cancer Prevention and Control.

The research set up is geared for Molecular approaches that can be effectively used for diagnostics and research purposes. The main focus of the division is translation of the scientific information towards reducing the cancer burden in the community. The department raises awareness and concern about cancer and believes and affirms its prevention and cure by early detection using molecular approaches. The scientific projects are aimed at identifying molecular markers that can aid in early detection, diagnosis of different cancers and help in cancer prevention. The department division focuses on multidisciplinary high quality molecular and clinico-epidemiological cancer research to determine the social, environmental and genetic factors underlying the high prevalence of certain important cancers like cervical, breast, oral and lung. The research initiatives are towards development of cost effective diagnosis and detection systems for their implementation in the hospital and community settings. The division is currently focusing on the clinical services pertaining to Human Papilloma virus diagnostics from the samples collected from the community and study of genetic susceptibility to Oral cancers with and without association to tobacco usage.