Surveillance Activities

The department is actively involved in surveillance of operation theatres, ICU's, BMT unit, various wards, CSSD, health care personnel and biomedical waste management for better infection control.

Infection control Activities

Hospital acquired infections are infections caused by a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, parasites and virus, acquired by a patient during treatment resulting in prolonged hospital stay, increased resistance of microorganisms to antibiotics, additional costs for the hospital and the patients and unnecessary morbidity and mortality.

Adherence to strict infection control procedures helps in prevention of hospital acquired infections. An effective infection control programme enhances the overall standard of care provided to both patients and all staff member play an important role in the control of healthcare-associated infections thereby helping in providing a safe hospital environment for the patients and for themselves. The Hospital has a multidisciplinary infection control committee which formulates policies for the Prevention and Control of Hospital acquired Infections with the objective to minimize the risk of infection, to develop antibiotic policies and recommend remedial measures when antibiotic resistant strains are detected and to review and implement preventive and corrective actions in an outbreak.