Department of Medical Oncology has 3 divisions namely, Adult Hemato-Oncology and transplant services, Solid tumor oncology and Pediatric oncology.

Our workload has been consistently increasing over the last 5 decades and we manage about 37,000 patients a year.

Adult Hemato-Oncology and transplant services

Involved in management of adult Leukemias and Lymhomas including the stem cell transplants. Under GIPAP program around 900 patients with chronic myeloid leukemia receive Glivec therapy and are on follow up with us. This is one of the few centers in the country to have established hematopoietic stem cell transplant program. About 130 transplants have already been carried out to treat malignant hematological disorders and solid tumors. We have also initiated the more complex transplant programs like mismatched sibling donor transplant and reduced intensity allogenic transplant and transplantation in children.

Solid tumor Oncology

Cancer Institute has been the pioneers of Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast and head and neck cancers as early as in the 1970s and the first in the country to perform limb salvage surgery (LSS) in osteosarcoma after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The proportion of patients undergoing LSS improved from 45.3% to 53.2% during the time periods 1998-2002 and 2003-2008 respectively. 5 year Disease free survival and overall survival among non metastatic osteosarcoma was 52.9% and 55% respectively. The Advent of more efficient chemotherapy and markers of predicting response shall help us improve these results in the future.

Neoadjuvant approach is routinely performed in breast, ovary, osteosacoma and various other cancers. In addition adjuvant and palliative chemotherapy is delivered in majority of the solid tumours. Recently our experience on 103 patients with gestational trophoblastic disease was presented in world GTD conference.

Pediatric oncology

Cancer institute introduced the concept of pediatric oncology as a subspecialty and started the first stand alone pediatric center as early as in the 1960s. High priority is given in the treatment of curable child hood cancers like leukemia and lymphomas and majority of the solid tumours and irrespective of socioeconomic status of the patients. We have been actively involved in the formulation and development of acute lymphoblastic leukemia protocols like MCP 841 and INCTR. Recently we have opened one of the largest pediatric oncology hospitals in the country with state of the art ICU day care and recreational facilities for children. The Pediatric Block donated by Mahesh Memorial Trust(MMT) was opened on 13th April 2009 and is functioning well. The unit has 34 beds totally devoted for Pediatric patients. The architecture of MMT Pediatric block is worth mentioning as it is specifically designed for the children to have a feel of their homes with wide play areas and child friendly wards. The block also have in-house playhouse ,class room and library specifically designed for children

Super-Specialty Training Program

Medical Oncology department is running a DM program; currently it has 13 DM Residents. The alumni of Medical Oncology are spread across heading the various academic and research Institutes of the country Prof. Lalith Kumar of AIIMS is an alumni who heads the medical Oncology Department and has innovative research in the field of ovarian Cancer and Multiple Myeloma.

Day Care Chemotherapy Facility

It has a busy day care service where around 60 patients are managed per day. The Day Care Center Catered to 10,200 patients in 2012. The center is well equipped with Specially Trained Doctors and Nurses with Centrailsed Biosafety Cabinet for Safe mixing and delivery of Chemotherapy.

In addition, patients are admitted in the regular wards also, more than 7800 patients get chemotherapy on an outpatient basis and OPD based procedures are carried out 6 times a week

Medical Oncology has been actively working with various NGO's to increase cancer awareness in the communities. The Department closely interacts with Max Foundation and Friends of Max, a patient support group for CML for creating awareness and improving compliance among patients

Medical oncology faculty has been participating in many Continuing education programs /workshops /symposia conducted across the country on various topics regularly over the last several years including hemato-oncology, cancer screening and awareness, lung cancer, cancer team management, colorectal cancers, hematopoietic stem cell transplants etc