• Department of Medical Oncology has conducted international conferences on Acute lymphoblastic Leukemia Around 100 participants including international faculty led by Prof.Ian McGrath discussed on the challenges and opportunities in treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in India. 5 major centers across the country presented their data which led to fruitful discussion and insights in the management of ALL.

  • Lymphoma - International CME on Lympohoma was conducted 2011 led by Prof. Volker Diehl Chair German Hodgkins study group and Prof.Kikkeri Naresh from Hammersmith Hospital UK. The sessions were well attended by 150 participants and led to active participations and discussions on the management issues in Hodgkins Lymohoma

  • Has established successfully and runs one of the largest standalone Pediatric Oncology centers in the country. Around 300 children are provided inpatient intensive Chemotherapy schedule every year. The pediatric block is equipped with 52 inpatient beds including state of the art 6 bedded pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

  • Runs high volume Stem Cell Transplant center for Malignant Diseases including Pediatric Cancers. In the last 3 years 39 number of Autologus Stem Cell Transplants and 21 numbers of Allogenic Stem Cell Transplants has been successfully performed.

  • Pioneers in the delivery of Intensive Chemotherapy Protocol and has successfully delivered Dose Intense Regimes. We have delivered successfully 1100 High Dose Methotrexate cycles, which again is one of the largest data series in the country.

  • Continues the successful training of Medical Oncology Residents who are well placed across the leading centers. Our success rate of passing in the final year DM Medical Oncology Course during the period of 2005 to 2011 is 100%. Our students regularly are awarded the Gold Medal for best performance by the Tamil Nadu MGR University during the period of 2007 to 2012.

  • Innovative and patient centric research activities to improve outcomes and tailoring of treatment are constantly encouraged.