• The Library at the institute was established in 1975 at the Gandhi Nagar campus and in 1985 at the Annexe campus (main library).

  • The library, the center of clinical information center for the hospital, is keeping pace with recent state of art technology and library activities and continues to function as information resource center.

  • In the Gandhi Nagar campus library, collections like the clinical books and the back volumes of the journals up to year 1990 are available.

  • In the Annexe campus library, departmental and the recent books, the back volumes of the journals from year 1991 till date, Annual Reports etc., are available.

  • Keeping in view, the need of information at point of care, the library has facilitated to subscribe the print plus online journals from the year 2009 to access information quickly.


    To collect, organize and collate print and digital information and disseminate at the point of care for future use.

    To provide seamless access to information to the needs of clinicians, research scholars, Para-medical staff, and medical professionals, visitors from other hospitals and academic institutions from all over the country.


    The Institute proposes to develop a specialized Digital Library to access the cancer information by all the users.

    This broadly requires

    Setting up high-speed and reliable internet access

    Infrastructure for and developing a specialized Internet community of oncologists for accessing and sharing all global and local information resources in the area of oncology