• Observership training programme for one to two weeks duration is conducted regularly in the department for biology students of various undergraduate and postgraduate courses from different colleges, institutions and universities.

  • So far, around 1500 students have attended this training programme from 2007 - 2013.

  • The students, during this course, are introduced to the instrumentation, processing techniques and applications of TEM in biology both theoretically and practically through demonstrations.

  • Many Research scholars (Ph.D students) and Post graduates have utilized this sophisticated instrument for their research and dissertation work.

  • The ultrastructural studies on their specimens have formed a part of their theses.

  • Several publications based on these studies have also been made.

  • More than 500 samples from such students have been studied using the facility and expertise in this department.

  • Training the technicians working with electron microscope in other institutions in processing of specimens for transmission electron microscopy.