The Cancer Institute (WIA), as you are aware, is a public charitable voluntary institute dedicated to the care of cancer for for the last 60 years.

The Institute is a comprehensive cancer centre comprising of a hospital of 535 beds, a research division, a college of oncological sciences and a division of preventive oncology and provides state of art treatment to one and all.

It has both a National and International stature.

Of the hospital beds, only 40% are paying beds and the remaining are general beds where patients are boarded and lodged free of cost. 40% of the patients are treated totally free and remaining patients pay a norminal amount.

Annually, over 15,672 new patients and 140,935 follow up cases are seen at the Institute.

Mission Statement

The Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai was established more than 50 years ago by the Womens' Indian Association Cancer Relief Fund under the leadership of Dr. Muthulakshi Reddy, as a "mission" to provide scientific treatment and promote health education amongst all sections of people. The ethos of the Cancer Institute (WIA) is "service to all" irrespective of social or economic class. It was established in the faith that selfless service would generate its own strength and funds would always be found. The Institute will not be confined to the four walls of a multi storey building but will strive to reach out to every nook & corner of the state. The Cancer Institute (WIA) shall aspire to be a symbol of man's eternal quest to conquer disease and an inspiration that reaches out to humanity.