Musculoskeletal Oncology :

Surgical Procedures

  • Sarcoma - Limb sparing resection, Vascular resection and reconstructions, Amputation.
  • Bone tumors- Limb sparing surgery with custom made/ modular/ Intercalaryprosthesis- femur, tibia, scapula, humerus, pelvis and amputation.Paediatric bone tumors- Expandable prosthesis, Extracorporeal Radiation, Rotationplasty.
  • Skin- Melanoma- WLE, SLNB, Isolated limb perfusion(ILP), SCC- WLE, Ampuatation.

Innovative Procedures

  • Scapular prosthesis, Custom made coned acetabular prosthesis for pelvic sarcoma,
    Spondylectomy, Rotationplasty, Extracorporeal Irradiation, ILP.
  • Constrained total scapular prosthesis was designed and developed for first time in India and 3 cases of Constrained Total Scapular Prosthesis was performed for periscapular sarcoma.
  • Custom made coned aceatabular prosthesis was first of its kind designed and developed at cancer institute for reconstruction in pelvic sarcomas.
  • First En-bloc Total Spondylectomy was performed at the institute for soft tissue sarcoma of the paraspinal region involving the L1, L2 Vertebra with the help of neurosurgical team. The patient underwent Spondylectomy with combined anterior and posterior approach, laminectomy and pedicle resection L2, L3 spine, spine stabilization with pedicle screws.
  • Isolated Limb perfusion for Melanoma
  • Scannogram to measure the real size or length of the bone in bone sarcomas.
  • Extracorporeal irradiation technique for reconstruction following resection of bone tumors. The first procedure was successfully performed for anEwings Sarcoma femur in a 14 year in October 2012.