Surgical Procedures

  • Composite resection, Maxillectomy, Neck dissections, Laryngectomy and voice prosthesis insertion,Micro laryngeal Excision, Laryngopharyngo-Esophagectomy(LPO), Skull base surgery- Craniofacial resection, temporal bone resection, Thyroidectomy, Parotidectomy, Micro vascular free flaps reconstruction.
  • Esophagus-Open/Thoracoscopic procedures, Trans hiatal esophagectomy(THE), Transthoracic esophagectomy(TTE), Two/three field lymphadenctomy, Palliative Stenting, Laser/PDT.
  • Lung- VATS, Wedge resection, Lobectomy, Sleeve resection, Pneumonectomy ,Metastatectomy, Tracheal\ resections and palliative tracheal stenting.

Innovative Procedures

  • Performed a novel modification of the submental flap for reconstruction of verrucous lesions of the oral cavity.
  • Described a novel approach in the management of an Aspirated Voice Prosthesis in a Laryngect -omized Patient.
  • Performed for the first ever time a Mckeown (Transthoracic) Esophagectomy in the presence of a Right Sided Aortic Arch.
  • Reported and managed the first ever case of a Synchronous peri-ocular and extra ocular sebaceous carcinomas.
  • Reported and managed the first ever case "Split paramedian forehead flap" for medial canthal reconst -ruction for a Basal cell Carcinoma.
  • Reported and managed a novel clinical application of the classical Bakamjian flap in the reconstruction of a Sternal Chondrosarcoma defect.
  • Laser surgeries for small tumors in the oral cavity has been introduced at the institute.
  • Introduced in the institute, miniplate fixation in mandibular reconstruction. These low profile plates, being thinner than standard reconstruction plates has less chances of plate exposure following radio -therapy and give better esthetic results.