Uro& Musculoskeletal Oncology


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  • Outcomes of limb salvage surgery in patients with extremity osteosarcoma :2009
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  • Functional outcome in extensor mechanism reconstruction with mesh myoplasty in limb salvage surgery for proximal tibial tumors : 2012
  • Retrospective study comparing staged vs simultaneous surgeries for primary and nodes in Carcinoma Penis : 2012


  • Cancer Institute protocol of intra-vesical BCG therapy shows improved survival
  • Stage I testicular cancers : Long term data of the Patients treated Cancer Institute shows excellent results and Quality of Life


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Clinical research

  • Bone Scan monitoring of the buried free flaps after limb salvage surgery- our early experience. Conclusion: performance of the postoperative bone scan 48-72 hours after surgery provides us a therapeutic advantage of salvaging failing graft in addition to its prognostic information.
  • Does type of surgery impact survival in poorly responding extremity osteosarcoma. Conclusion: Type of surgery whether it is amputation or limb salvage does not influence the outcomes in the patients with extremity sarcoma who are poor responders to the Neo adjuvant therapy.
  • Preservation of the anterior tibial vessels in Tibial tumor resections-is it oncologically safe or useful? Conclusion: Anterior tibial vessels can be safely preserved in the selected group of patients with minimal disease around proximal tibio-fibular joint without compromising the oncological safety and it also improves the preservation of the muscle mass in the leg which might influence on the gait.