Library members can borrow books, bound volumes and periodicals for a stipulated period.


Photocopying facility is available in the libraries at Gandhi Nagar and Annexe campuses.


Library can help you to locate or search required information from the shelves and also from the availability of the computerized data.

Customized Contents

Access to the customized periodicals by special title series and selected periodicals with contrast to table of contents, subjectwise from 2005, library holding list, and the books by subject, series, accession numbers, call numbers, are entered into the computer.

Apart from this, access to the subscriptions, non-receipt of the periodicals, binding of the periodicals/books, charging and discharging of the periodicals/books for 7 days and night reading, monthly statements for the photocopies taken, purchase order for the periodicals/books, equipments etc., annual report, budget, cassettes are also entered into the computer.

Internet Access

The library provides access to three computers with internet connectivity as additional value for the users throughout the library working hours for access to the online activated current subscribing periodicals from year 2009.


Arrival of new books and periodicals are displayed on the notice board