Dr V.SHANTA – Chairman

Her empowering persona, nobility and steadfast character inspire awe and reverence, and her enduring selflessness is an example to today's humanity that it is possible to live beyond oneself.

"The Institute has been built on the longstanding faith that Dr.Krishnamurthi and I have - that no power on earth can destroy a selfless work. We have state-of-the-art equipments and our aim is to provide the best treatment available to the rich in this country to the poor in this country. Everything for every patient; what is curable must be cured. We do not want to deprive anyone of treatment for lack of financial resources".

"There is a distinct sense of satisfaction that one derives from working for other's".



Our vision is to be the first choice for cancer care.


Our Mission is to provide excellent, evidence-base care for each patient we serve, while advancing cancer care for tomorrow.


The values of Cancer Institute (WIA) was thet every cancer patient in the country should have access to sate of the art treatment, as part of a multidiciplinary approach where treatment is individualised for the specific patient's cancer, taking account of the patient's personal circumstances.